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专访爱彼博物馆馆长Sébastian Vivas先生


1.Now AP museum only opens for those who have been invited,and what are the original intentions of this practice?


All the visits are customized,all are guided,all must be a fantastic immersive experience.This exclusive access is linked with the fact that we want offer to each visitor a personal welcome by a skilled guide who adapts the journey in the exhibition rooms and workshops to the interests and to the level of technical knowledge of each visitor,or group of visitors.To keep the highest level of quality,we have to keep the number of groups limited,to maximum 3 per day and the number of people to maximum 10 per group.

Finally,the visit of the Museum is usually only one step in a large journey of discovery,during which the visitors meet the craftsmen in the Manufacture workshops,and ends the days with the current collections in a special loundge.For those who cannot come to see us,they can visit the Espace Horloger de la Vallée de Joux,the public museum of watchmaking in the region,that we are actively supporting.


为了保证参观行程的高品质性,我们对每天的受邀团队以及人数做了限制。每天最多邀请三个团队,每个团队人数不超过10人。最终,你会发现整个发现之旅似乎只用一大步就能完成,受邀者参观到我们的“制造厅”,然后在众多的特殊藏品中结束行程。对于那些不能来参观博物馆的人,他们可以去汝拉山谷的钟表博物馆(Espace Horloger,又名钟表大师空间),那个博物馆面向公众开放,我们非常欢迎大家去参观。


2.What is the importance of brand culture to build brand image?Could you please share with us the DNA of AP’s brand culture?


The brand image must absolutely respect the brand culture and history.There is no way to cheat with the brand messages because they must be understood,accepted internally as well as externally to make sense on a long term basis.The Audemars Piguet personality is extremely strong.During 140 years,it has been forged by the local environment,a beautiful but harsh nature with endless winter,in which time was the only easily available raw material.


Owned by the same two families since 1875,the company was able to dig its own way,creating numerous world firsts,and above all to stand independent.This liberty makes it possible to simultaneously protect the great watchmaking tradition and to break the rules by creating revolutionary collections such as the Royal Oak in 1972.


3.For the la Maison des Fondateurs,is there any special meaning of the spiral form?


One of the major challenges of the architecture competition was to keep an absolute coherence from the smallest scale–the watches displayed in the showcases–to the largest one–the building–.Bjarke Ingels,winner of the competition conceived the new building as a watch.His understanding of the project is simply impressive.He says:“Watchmaking,like architecture,is the art and science of invigorating inanimate matter with intelligence and performance.It is the art of imbuing metals and minerals with energy,movement,intelligence and measure --to bring it to life in the form of telling time.Unlike most machines and most buildings today that have a disconnect between the body and the mind,the hardware and the software,in watchmaking the form is the content --the geometric design is what makes the clock tick!”

螺旋式亭楼结构建筑的最大挑战是如何让小规模展示的展厅保持连贯性,在最大建筑空间里呈现出手表展品。Bjarke Ingel,他是爱彼博物馆展厅设计的胜出者,他对这个建筑项目的理解出于单纯的印象,把建筑看作一枚手表。他说:“制表和建筑设计是相通的,都是用带有生机的艺术形式和科学去弥补没有生命迹象的单调,而这样的弥补关乎智力以及它的表现形式。将各种材质糅合,赋予能量是一种艺术,它以时间的形式带入生活。这种形式不同于今天的大多数建筑,将人的思想和生命载体分开,也不同于硬件和软件,制表却能将它们连接到一起——几何设计中也能融入时钟的滴答!”


4.What are your ideas to make the culture of AP widely recognized by the consumers so as to stimulate consumption?What are the difficulties you’ve been come across in the process of culture communication?


An Audemars Piguet watch is a very special object.It concentrates a great number of values:technical values,esthetical values,historical values,cultural values,financial values,and of course personal value for the owner.An Audemars Piguet watch is one of the rare objects still produced today that is not doomed to destruction.No one can trough away an AP watch,even after a hundred years.Thus,the word“consumption”is slightly problematic:an AP watch is never“consumed”but transmitted through generations,given or sold.

The mission of our Heritage department is to preserve,study and communicate the history of our company,the product and the context to a very large and diverse audience.When you are passionate,it is as rewarding to explain the magic of watchmaking to the newcomers as to endless talk about incredibly small details with the most knowledgeable collectors.



5.This year is the 140 anniversary of AP,in terms of the culture communication of brands,what is your plan towards the future of AP?


We are working on a great number of projects around the heritage,structuring the archives,preparing books,studying unknown subjects(with great discoveries),preparing new itinerary exhibitions.But the most exciting project we have is clearly the Maison des Fondateurs,amazingly elegant and ambitious,clever and emotional.Personally speaking,it is a dream project!

围绕传承,我们正在做大量的准备工作,包括构建档案,准备书籍,接触未知事物并加以学习(有重大发现),准备新的巡回展览。但最激动人心的项目显然是创始人之家(Maison des Fondateurs),我们带着雄心壮志、聪慧和激情去做这个项目,就我个人而言,它是一个充满梦想的项目!





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